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Everything You Need to Know About Ontario’s Healthy Smile Program

Healthy Smiles Ontario is a free program offered to children under 17 years that promotes healthy teeth, oral habits, and gums.

The program was created to ensure all children have access to quality, affordable dental care. Dental care used to be an expense that caused financial hardship for families, which meant children did not receive the timely oral care they needed.

In response, Ontario created the Healthy Smiles program that covers everything from a regular check-up at your Stoney Creek dental office to preventative care and treatments.

Is Your Child Covered Under Healthy Smile Ontario?

By your baby’s first birthday, they should see your Hamilton dentist for a checkup. Oral health is important because even young children can develop gum disease and cavities. Poor oral health is linked to numerous issues, including issues with adult teeth, health conditions, and it could even affect your child’s ability to speak and learn in school.

The program makes qualification easy, and your child should be eligible for benefits if:

  • Residency - You and your family are residents of Ontario
  • Age - Your child is 17 years or under
  • Income - Your household meets the income eligibility requirements
  • Emergency Considerations - Emergency dental procedures are extremely costly. Even if you do not qualify for regular check-ups, you may be eligible for an emergency treatment for infection, tooth decay, and oral pain.

The income requirements are listed on the Healthy Smiles Ontario program website, and they are based on the number of children and respective net income for the family.Numerous dental services are covered, including:• Periodic examinations and assessments - including your child’s annual cleaning and check-up

  • X-rays - Including panoramic, occlusal, and bitewing views
  • Preventative dental services - including sealants, fluoride, polishing, and scaling
  • Restorative dental services - including temporary fillings, permanent fillings, and crowns
  • Periodontal visits and services - including gum surgery
  • Oral surgery - including extractions of infected or damaged teeth and wisdom teeth
  • Anaesthesia
  • Endodontic services - includes root canals
  • Prosthodontic services - including bridges and dentures

Your child is covered for their bi-annual recall exam, which can be scheduled once every 6 months at your Hamilton dentist’s office.

Take Advantage of a Healthy, Happy Smile by Visiting Your Stoney Creek Dental Office

Healthy Smiles Ontario is committed to providing every child with adequate dental care and preventative services.

If your child is eligible for the program, enrol today and then schedule your child’s first dental check-up with the child-friendly dentists in Hamilton at Eastgate Dental Centre.

We are proud to offer our professional services under the Healthy Smiles Ontario program. We are here to not only take care of your child’s teeth but show you what you can do at home to keep their teeth healthy.

Make an appointment with our dentist today. Call our office at 905-560-2714. You may also fill out our online form with your questions about Healthy Smiles services provided in our dental office.

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