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Is Tooth Decay Visible? Talk to Your Stoney Creek Dentist about Cavities

Tooth decay is a condition that is always best when caught sooner, rather than later. This is why it is so important to visit your Hamilton dental professional on a regular basis.

Cavities may form in some places that make them difficult to detect. Routine dental visits can help your dentist to discover tooth decay early. Additionally, you might be given an assessment of whether you are at risk of experiencing tooth decay. If you have any questions about being at risk or want to know whether you have cavities, talk to your Stoney Creek dentist as soon as possible. 

Detecting Cavities and Determining Risk Factors

A dental professional can help you determine whether you have dental caries. Your dentist may also evaluate whether you are likely to develop this condition.

If you wish to explore the topic a bit further, consider the following points:

  • Visibility – Cavities are not always visible to the naked eye. When this happens, they may not even be highly visible on X-rays. Decay can also manifest under dental work, such as crowns, bridges, and braces. 
  • Assessment – Because decaying teeth are not always noticeable, your dentist might give you a risk evaluation. After considering a variety of factors, your dental professional might recommend certain preventative treatments. 
  • Common Risk Factors – What are the risk factors involved? You could be more likely to develop dental caries if plaque is visible on your teeth. If you regularly experience a dry mouth, that could indicate a future of tooth decay. People who eat a lot of sugary foods and processed foods might see a manifestation of dental caries. 
  • Dental Appliances – Another factor that can contribute to tooth decay is wearing a dental appliance. If you wear braces, you might find brushing and flossing somewhat challenging. Night guards and retainers can cause the mouth to become dry, which can inhibit the flow of healthy saliva.
  • Genetics – Some people may be more susceptible to caries because of the natural condition of their teeth. If you have grooves or pits on the surfaces of your teeth, you might be more prone to developing cavities. 

How Can I Prevent Cavities if I Am at Risk?

If your Stoney Creek dentist tells you that you are at risk of getting cavities, you can take preventative action. You might be given a rinse to inhibit the growth of bacteria in your mouth. Your dental professional might also recommend other useful products, such as Xylitol, which disrupts harmful bacteria from forming. Dental products that promote remineralization might also be helpful.

Worried about Tooth Decay? Schedule an Appointment with Your Stoney Creek Dentist Today

If you are worried that you might be prone to cavities, call your Stoney Creek dental office today. The professionals at Eastgate Dental Centre are trained to detect caries in the teeth. If you develop cavities, our staff members will help you to manage the issue now.

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