Tooth Extraction in Hamilton Ontario

Learn When Tooth Extraction is Necessary in Hamilton and When It Could Mean a Visit to Your Oral Surgeon

Is your tooth persistently causing you pain and discomfort? Maybe you recently experienced an injury that resulted in a cracked tooth. 

Or maybe the bone density in your jaw has deteriorated and is causing your teeth to become loose. Whatever the case may be, a tooth that is damaged beyond repair will need to be extracted to prevent an infection or other severe tooth problems. If you notice anything different in your mouth, consult your dentist right away. During your dental exam, your oral health will be assessed to determine the extent of the damage and you will be provided with dental treatment options that are best suited to your individual case. Your dentist will refer you to an oral surgeon in Hamilton if you need a tooth extraction that involves dental surgery; for example, wisdom teeth extraction in Hamilton

Be prepared to have your tooth extracted or removed if you are experiencing any of the following problems:

  • Crowded teeth: If you have too many teeth in your mouth, or your teeth are too big for your mouth, you may be finding it difficult to clean them properly. This can eventually lead to plaque build-up and tooth decay. Often times, patients will have teeth extracted to prepare their mouths for orthodontic care and proper alignment. Also, if you have a tooth that cannot break through the gums, it may be in your best interest to have it removed, as it can lead to an infection if left untreated. An orthodontist, as part of their treatment plan for a crowded condition, may extract some teeth to provide additional space in the jaw.
  • Tooth Infection: If bacteria develops in the centre of the tooth, you are highly susceptible to an infection. Sometimes an infection can be repaired through root canal treatment. If the infection is too severe and an oral antibiotic or a root canal is unsuccessful, your dentist may have to extract the tooth to prevent the infection from spreading. 
  • Risk of infection: If you have a weak immune system and your body is unable to fight an infection, your dentist may recommend extracting your problem tooth. 
  • Gum Disease: Infected gum tissue and bones can cause your tooth to loosen. When this happens, the tooth should be extracted to alleviate discomfort, promote proper healing and prevent further dental issues from surfacing. 

Tooth Extractions in Hamilton—Advice from Eastgate Dental Centre

A toothache does not necessarily mean that you require a tooth extraction. It could simply indicate that you have a cavity that requires a filling, or you are experiencing a muscular problem. The easiest way to determine the condition of your oral health is by visiting your local dentist at Eastgate Dental Centre in Hamilton or surrounding areas of Stoney Creek, Grimsby, Ancaster, Waterdown. Whether you need to have your wisdom teeth removed, or you have extensive root or nerve damage, we can help provide suggestions on the best treatment plan for your oral health needs. We are known for tooth extractions in Hamilton provided in a comfortable environment and can help repair any dental issues to ensure a strong smile and good overall health.

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