Wisdom Teeth Causing Pain

Wisdom Teeth Causing Pain? It Might be Time to See Your Oral Surgeon in Hamilton

Wisdom teeth are the third molars that typically make an appearance in late adolescence for most individuals. They are at the very back of your mouth, and often not much help.

While some people can keep them in place without issue, many have wisdom teeth that require an extraction.

If you are noticing any pain, discomfort, or the warning signs of an impacted tooth, it is important to have your wisdom teeth examined before the start of an infection.

Reasons for Wisdom Teeth Extractions

When your wisdom teeth are healthy and have plenty of room to emerge, they should not cause any problems.

There are warning signs that might indicate it is time to visit an oral surgeon in Stoney Creek, including:

  • Lack of Space - The most common reason for removing wisdom teeth is because there is not enough room for them to grow out properly and completely. You may have wisdom teeth that only partially break through the gums, or the teeth are so overcrowded that you are not able clean around them.
  • Cysts - Sometimes wisdom teeth bring unpleasant ‘gifts’ in the form of a cyst. This is a painful sore that can damage the roots or bone if you do not address it immediately.
  • Impaction - When there is not enough room, the wisdom teeth may get stuck under the gums, known as impaction. Sometimes the teeth turn to their side, while other times they remain upright, but under the molars that are already in place.
  • Pain and Jaw Stiffness - You might notice pain or stiffness in your jaw, especially near an impacted wisdom tooth. If an infection occurs, the gum tissue around the tooth will swell, bleed, and be sore to the touch.

What Happens During Wisdom Teeth Extractions?

If all or a select number of wisdom teeth are causing you grief, your dentist in Stoney Creek and Hamilton may decide that an extraction is best. Oral surgeons perform wisdom teeth extractions by opening the gum tissue over the tooth to be extracted, and then removing it.

You will not feel the procedure. In most cases, you are numbed and sometimes sedated so that you are comfortable. After the tooth is removed, the surgeon places a small layer of sutures, then places gauze in your mouth to prevent bleeding.

If your wisdom teeth are infected, your dentist may prescribe antibiotics to eradicate the infection before surgically removing the teeth.

Wisdom Teeth Bothering You? Make an Appointment at Your Hamilton Dentist and Oral Surgeon Today

If you are concerned about your teenager’s wisdom teeth or your own wisdom teeth are bothering you, it is best to speak with your dentist right away. At Eastgate Dental Centre, we can conduct a wisdom tooth consultation to see if your teeth need an extraction or if there is another treatment option available.

Make your dental appointment in Hamilton with the professionals at Eastgate Dental Centre. Give us a call today at 905-560-2714 to schedule an appointment or fill out our online form with your questions about wisdom teeth.

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