Protect Your Teeth from Decay with Tooth Sealants in Hamilton

Protecting your teeth against decay is an integral aspect of oral care. However, where to start is a common question, with the most common answer being to take advantage of tooth sealants in Hamilton at Eastgate Dental Centre!

What exactly is a sealant? It’s a thin plastic coating that is most commonly sealed over the large surface areas (particularly the deep pits and fissures) of your back teeth, which are otherwise referred to as the molars. The application process is rather simple—the tooth will first be gently cleaned before the sealant is painted on. It only takes a few minutes to finish, and you’ll have a sealant that will last anywhere from five to 10 years.

Why Should I Apply Sealants in Grimsby?

There are a multitude of reasons why both children and adults would be wise to apply sealants in Grimsby, Hamilton and the surrounding areas. For children, the prevention of cavities at a young age is crucial, and sealants are an excellent defender against the collection of bacteria and acids in the deep pits, fissures and grooves on the molars. Additionally, the establishment of effective oral hygiene habits early in life is a likely source of quality oral health later in life!

Meanwhile, adults can benefit from sealants as well, particularly to strengthen teeth into older age. The molars are extremely important for chewing and comfortable eating, making the protection of those teeth with sealants such a strong recommendation.

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