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At Eastgate Dental Centre, our team consists of multiple family dentists from various ethnic groups, such as Serbian, Chinese, Indian, Middle Eastern, and Canadian, among others, in order to accommodate the needs of our multicultural patients. Furthermore, our dentists and specialists also span a wide range of ages, which means you can choose which dentist you feel would serve you best. Additionally, with a team of specialists at our disposal, we are a true one stop dental shop for any procedure you or your family may need, and our clinic is open seven days a week, with evening hours, to make scheduling an appointment for the whole family easy.

As an added bonus, we are conveniently located inside Hamilton’s popular Eastgate Square Mall, so you can shop, eat, or entertain yourself while you waiting for family members to complete their dental work.

The Importance of Child Dentistry and the Role of Family Dentists

Even more so than adults, it is absolutely crucial that children see the dentist regularly in order to prevent serious dental and oral issues in the future. Due to the fact that children rapidly go through various developmental phases early on, regular examinations and cleanings with a children's dentist ensures their dental structure is developing properly and accordingly, and helps keep young teeth and gums healthy, while keeping the door open for the early detection of abnormalities. Following are child dentistry services offered through Eastgate Dental Centre:

1. Children’s Dental Checkups

A child’s first dentist appointment is essential for encouraging continued and regular visits throughout their lives. First impressions are crucial with children, and our dentists know how to make a good one. Your child’s first checkup will consist of clear explanations of the process using reassuring terms and a gentle application of cleaning procedures, all while paying close attention to your child’s reactions throughout the checkup in order to minimize stress and anxiety. Your children will even be introduced to specific tools, as well as a description of what purpose each tool serves. Children are often intimidated by the sight of steel tools; therefore, simply explaining how each one helps keep their teeth and gums healthy often lowers their guard.

Extra care is always placed on making sure your children enjoy their time in our clinic, and actually look forward to their next cleaning, ensuring they willingly keep up a regular dental checkup schedule.

2. Child Dentistry Services

The children’s dentistry services we offer are similar to those we’d offer any patient that walks through our doors, but with an approach specifically designed to accommodate a child’s needs. These services include:

  • Regular Cleanings

  • Braces

  • Fillings

  • Extractions

  • X-rays

Family Dentists for Residents of Hamilton, Binbrook, Stoney Creek, Burlington and Surrounding Areas

Eastgate Dental Centre is accepting new patients from communities surrounding our Hamilton clinic. If you have questions regarding the dental services we provide, or to schedule an appointment for the whole family, contact us today!

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