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Depending on the severity of a dental issue, patients will sometimes require oral surgeon to cure what ails them. At Eastgate Dental Centre, our oral surgeon uses the latest equipment and technology in our specially designed surgical suite to successfully carry out any surgical dental work, and keep you comfortable throughout the process. This suite has been designed to provide IV sedation if required to keep you comfortable throughout the process. Additionally, in order to avoid important information getting lost in translation, our multicultural staff will provide you with service in the language you’re most at ease speaking.

Oral Surgeons Vs. Dental Surgeons

While a popular misconception exists, among the general population, which lumps dental surgeons and oral surgeons in the same category, the truth of the matter is that these two professions each consist of very different training and skills. From a training perspective, a dental surgeon, or more commonly referred to as a general dentist, completes 4-5 years of dental school before he/she is allowed to practice dentistry. An oral surgeon, on the other hand, requires the same dental school education as a dentist, plus additional years of specialized oral surgery training and education, sometimes also requiring a medical degree.

The specialized skills of an oral surgeon are often required for the following procedures:

  • Impacted tooth treatments

  • Deep tooth extractions (ie. wisdom teeth)

  • Placement of dental implants and other prostheses

In addition to some of the more common dental procedures carried out by oral surgeons, and listed above, they also treat diseases, injuries, and defects of the head, neck, face, and oral cavity, and perform a wide variety of procedures, such as:

  • Removal of cysts in the jaw and sinuses

  • Reconstruction of birth defects

  • Treatment of Facial & Dental Trauma

  • Bone grafts

  • Oral reconstructive surgery

At Hamilton, Ontario’s Eastgate Dental Centre, we have our very own in-house oral surgeon, and you’ll have complete access to all of these services and more.

Our dental office features an oral surgery suite, along with a comfortable recovery bed – both of which will ensure you get proper care while undergoing your procedure, as well as after your surgery is complete.

A Guide to Post-Surgery Care

While relaxing comfortably in our recovery bed, our nurse will explain the specific healing process to you. In general, we recommend that our post-surgery patients follow these simple guidelines:

  • Get lots of rest and avoid strenuous activities for the first few days.

  • Take your medications as directed.

  • Change your gauze regularly until the bleeding stops.

  • Rinse your mouth with salt water as often as instructed.

  • Keep hard food and other objects, even toothbrushes, out of your mouth, as these can easily interfere with the healing process.

Our number one priority for post-surgery attention is to ensure your healing process unfolds without difficulty. As such, our staff will be sure to thoroughly educate you in order to avoid the risk of complications. If problems do arise, however, feel free to contact us directly, and we’ll resolve the issue promptly.

An Oral Surgeon for Residents of Hamilton, Stoney Creek, Burlington, and Binbrook

Our clinic, conveniently located inside Hamilton’s Eastgate Square Mall, is currently accepting new patients from a wide surrounding area so, if you have any questions about oral surgery, we’d be happy to answer them. Call us at 905-560-2714 to learn more, or schedule an appointment today!

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