Chuck E.

I can eat a steak! I’m 63 and not since the age 18 have I had a bite like this. I came to Eastgate Dental at 9 am on a Sunday after a 4 am internet search and a sleepless night with an abscessed molar. By 9;20 am Dr. Shang had removed the tooth. I explained I was also looking for a complete dental reconstruction. Through a combination of bad genetics a hard bite and my own neglect I had 17 teeth left most of which would need to be removed. She recommended a consultation with Dr. J. Tonogai. He made a complete treatment plan and estimate. Nine implants in total 3 upper bridges, a sinus lift (bone graft) and a full lower dental bridge. A year later and all is done. I am incredibly pleased with the results and the experience. Dr. Tonagai is very passionate about his profession and it shows in his work. His staff is always friendly and professional. As for me yes it truly is “life changing”. My face looks fuller, cheeks no longer sunken. My speech is coherent, no more lisped s or th sounds or spitting when I speak. It was a vast change and did take some weeks to become fully accustomed to but now it feels 100 percent natural. I can eat any and everything. Maintenance is easy, in addition to regular brushing and flossing I use a waterpik once a day. This is not an inexpensive venture but I feel is great value. The final cost even came in slightly under the original estimate. I had checked with several of the franchised “All On 4” implant places to have the work done and feel EastGate Dental performed a far more customised extensive and personal service for less money. I am a 100 % satisfied customer!