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In every way, the Eastgate Dental Centre continues to expand its services to provide a complete family dental care facility for you and your family.

“Our dental clinic operates to serve our community in all facets of dentistry,” says owner Dr. Ron Tonogai. “We have nine great general practitioners, eleven wonderful dental hygienists and multiple dental specialists to treat our patients and provide a one stop dental shop.”

Our Objective

Dr. Tonogai says that all the dentists of the Hamilton Region have always provided exceptional dental care for people of the community. The Eastgate Dental Centre's objective is to compliment this high quality care and preventative dentistry that the community deserves.

Consultation Visit

Here at the Eastgate Dental Centre, we begin your initial visit with a complete dental examination, which may include intraoral photographs of problem areas, as well as panoramic x-rays and regular x-rays to assess your condition. Once your examination is completed by one of our dentists, we will schedule your appointments for your regular dental care, as well as any specialized treatment by our team of specialists.

Sterility – Our Utmost Concern

Our office uses the SciCan™ Sterilization system. This is the current system that ensures sterility of any instrument that is used on our patients. In this procedure, specialized cassettes go through a cleaning and sterilization process that only ends when they are opened for usage on you. In addition, our hand pieces go through the SciCan™ Statmatic and then autoclaved to ensure their sterility. YOUR SAFETY IS OUR CHIEF CONCERN.

Your Dental Care

We now offer 8:00 AM appointments! We also offer a free Velscope™ oral cancer screening with each new patient exam. We are conveniently located inside Eastgate Square Mall.

Velscope – Free Oral Cancer Screening

The Velscope is a hand-held device that allows early detection of a wide variety of oral diseases, including pre-cancer and cancer. By emitting a safe blue light into the oral cavity, it excites natural fluorophores normally found in tissue. Through the Velscope, healthy tissue appear with an apple-green glow (show demo in mouth) while abnormal tissue appear black 82% of the time. An abnormal finding may be caused by host of other things including viral, fungal and bacterial infections as well as cancer. If a black area is found, it will be examined by a dentist, photographed and then re-examined in two weeks. Early diagnosis is key to treatment of cancer. A Velscope exam may save your life.

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