Inlays and Onlays in Hamilton, ON

inlays and onlays in hamilton

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When restorations are needed to secure the tooth structure at the chewing surface of a molar, custom created inlays or onlays can be an excellent solution. Our dentists are experienced in placing and securing these restorations so patients can enjoy pain-free chewing.

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gentle restoration placements by hamilton dentist

Gentle Restoration Placements

If you created a chart of restorative procedures, you would find inlays and onlays about halfway between a dental crown and a filling. Inlays and onlays are lab-created restorations used to reestablish a solid occlusal (chewing) surface for the premolars and molars. Once one has been manufactured and perfectly fitted to your prepared tooth, our dental professionals will cement it in place and complete the restoration. These appointments are fairly straightforward and quick, and patients can get back to their usual routines when they leave our dental office.

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If your teeth are compromised by large fillings, cracks, or other damage, we may recommend inlays and onlays. Reach out to book your appointment and learn more.