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Oral Medicine Near You

Oral medicine specialists are trained in providing oral health care for medically-complex patients. This specialty is mainly non-surgical in nature and often relies on small interventions with procedures and medications.

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Multidisciplinary Dental Care

The health of your mouth is intimately connected to your overall health and wellbeing. With this in mind, oral medical practitioners are trained to understand oral diseases and conditions in the larger context of the body. In some cases, oral issues may stem from broader conditions. In other cases, the reverse may be true. For example, cancer patients or those with other systemic diseases may have specialized needs when it comes to oral care. An oral medical specialist provides multidisciplinary dental care that considers all aspects of health and wellbeing.

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If you are concerned about the interactions between your medical and dental health, our experienced dental team at Eastgate Dental Centre is here for you! We’ll work to understand your complex dental needs and deliver high-quality care that is custom-designed around your health.