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endodontists performing root canal treatment in hamilton

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Endodontists are trained dental specialists dealing with injuries, infections, and other issues in the dental pulp and roots of the teeth. Endodontics aims to save the natural teeth through interventions such as root canals.

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Root Canal Procedures in Hamilton

Endodontic specialists focus on diagnosing and treating tooth pain and facial pain. The most common procedure an endodontist performs is a root canal, and he or she may perform dozens of root canals each week. On top of experience and additional training, an endodontist may use additional dental technology, materials, equipment, and medications to ensure that a root canal is a success, even when complex.
endodontist with root canal model at hamilton clinic

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If tooth pain is interfering with your usual routine, reach out to our experienced dentists at Eastgate Dental Centre. We can help find the source of your pain and create a treatment plan to provide you with relief.