Dental Bridges in Hamilton, ON

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Eastgate Dental Centre offers dental bridges as a long-term restorative solution for tooth loss. We can provide dental bridges in a variety of styles and make them from a variety of materials to perfectly suit your needs.

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Dental Bridges

A dental bridge is a fixed dental prosthesis that relies on nearby structures for support. In most cases, the bridge is fixed in place on the natural teeth, on dental crowns, or on dental implants. When tooth loss occurs, patients often lose abilities. Activities like chewing can become extremely difficult, and even painful. Other dental issues may also emerge as a result, such as shifts in the nearby teeth. Dental bridge placements offer an excellent option for patients who aren’t candidates for dental implants due to gum loss or bone loss.
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If tooth loss is affecting your ability to eat, speak, or smile naturally, our experienced dentists have restorative solutions for you. Ask us about whether you may be a candidate for dental bridges at your next appointment.