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Eastgate Dental Centre’s primary mission is to protect our patients’ natural teeth from the damaging effects of bacteria, plaque, and tartar. We practice preventative dentistry techniques at every visit to ensure that your family can spend less time in our dental chairs and more time enjoying all life has to offer.

Gum Grafting

When the gums are infected, inflamed, or receded due to gum disease, our dentists can restore them to create additional structural support for the teeth. Our dentists are experienced in various types of gum grafting.
gum grafted tooth model at hamilton dentist desk
dentist performing oral cancer screening at hamilton clinic

Oral Cancer Screening

Oral cancer is very treatable when caught and treated in the earliest stages. Our experienced dentists perform oral cancer screening during routine dental exams to help ensure our patients can receive an early diagnosis and treatment plan.

Dental Sealants

Dental sealants are simple and long-lasting protective materials that we use to prevent the progression of tooth decay and the development of cavities. These thin coatings are painted onto the tooth surface to block out food particles and bacteria.
smiling girl at hamilton dentist chair for dental sealants
dentist explaining dental x-ray to patient

Oral and Dental X-Rays

We use dental radiographs (x-rays) to survey the mouth and teeth for changes or potential issues. X-rays allow us to diagnose many dental health problems, including infections and abscesses, bone loss, areas of decay, issues in the root canals, and tumours.

Comprehensive & New
Patient Oral Exam

Your oral health is connected to your overall health and wellbeing. Although it’s easy to forget to book regular appointments and examinations or work them into your schedule, keeping up to date with your dental exams helps you stay healthy and active. Plus, you can achieve a whiter, brighter, and more beautiful smile!
man smiling before oral exam at hamilton dental clinic
dentist performing dental cleaning treatment in hamilton

Dental Hygiene (Cleaning)

Much of the damage that occurs in the teeth over your lifetime is caused by the buildup of plaque and tartar in the mouth. Regular dental cleanings from experienced dental hygienists can prevent damage and keep your natural teeth healthy and strong.

Root Canals

Root canal procedures focus on treating the inside portion of the tooth, known as the tooth pulp. It can become damaged or infected for a variety of reasons, which often leads to a great deal of pain for patients.
old lady getting root canal by hamilton dentist
dentist showing extracted tooth model to patient

Tooth Extractions

The Eastgate Dental Centre team has many years of experience with Hamilton tooth extractions. We offer our services to patients of all ages and provide prosthodontic services to restore your bite and smile.

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