Implant and a Crown

Should You Get an Implant or a Crown? Your Hamilton Dentist can Help You Decide

If you have lost or damaged a tooth, you may be concerned about getting a replacement as soon as possible. This is a normal reaction. However, the best step you can take is to discuss the options with your Hamilton dentist.

One option is to get a crown. A crown fits over an existing tooth after the tooth has been filed. You might also get a bridge, which can be attached to your existing teeth in order to fill a gap. This can be a good choice for someone who has lost a tooth. 

Another possibility is to get an implant. An implant is actually a prosthetic root. The implant is a tiny screw made of titanium, and it is positioned inside the jawbone. A crown can then be attached to the implant, and the crown serves as a tooth.

Crowns and Bridges: Benefits and Disadvantages

Bridgework often includes crowns, and having it done can be a viable option for dental restoration. Consider the following points: 

  • Benefits – When you get a fixed bridge, the remaining teeth on each side of the bridge will be filed. Crowns will be placed over these, and you will then have a series of prosthetic teeth that look real. In terms of speaking and chewing, bridges and crowns are more stable than partial dentures. They can also help to keep the teeth aligned since they remain in place. They may be cleaned much in the same way as you would clean your other teeth. They do not need to be soaked like dentures do. Bridges and crowns are generally less costly than implants.
  • Disadvantages – Many crowns must be replaced after several years. The bone tissue below bridges and crowns can reposition, which may decrease its longevity. Additionally, the surrounding teeth can become weaker over time, and this could make them more susceptible to decay.

Dental Implants: Benefits and Disadvantages

Implants are the best option for many people. Here is what you should know:

  • Benefits – Dental implants typically last longer than bridgework. The average lifespan of an implant is approximately 25 years. They look more like natural teeth than crowns and bridges. Implants also function more like natural teeth. They tend to be more durable than crowns, which can break and fall off the underlying teeth. No teeth must be filed down in order to wear an implant. Like crowns and bridges, implants are permanent and can be cleaned like natural teeth, so no soaking is involved. 
  • Disadvantages – The surgery process for an implant is much more involved than for bridges and crowns. The healing process is much longer with implants, as well. Implants generally cost more than bridgework. 

Visit Your Hamilton Dental Office for Information on Crowns and Implants

The choice to get crowns or dental implants in Hamilton is not a decision to take lightly. Speak with your Hamilton dentist about your options today.

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