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Tech-Savvy Teeth: Top 3 Advances in Dental Technology

When the word “technology” is brought up, most people think of portable devices and drones. What about your teeth? Dental technology and advancements in technique have led to huge improvements in recent years.

From pain management to shorter healing times and more efficient services, imaging technology and streamlined approaches to oral health are making visits to the dentist a lot more enjoyable. If you require dental services or oral surgery in Hamilton, visit the team at Eastgate Dental. We offer a wide range of services for the entire family. You will see that we only use the latest tools and techniques to consistently provide our patients the best treatment available.

Consider these top 3 recent advancements in dentistry and book your dental appointment in Hamilton today:

  • Tooth Replacement: Lost, broken, infected, or damaged teeth were once replaced by high-maintenance and uncomfortable alternatives. The tooth replacement options of the past often took a lot of getting used to and were typically, very noticeable, standing out from the surrounding natural teeth. New technology allows a permanent, natural-looking solution to be embedded in the jaw. Using dental implants that fuse a screw to the jaw to replace the tooth root, a permanent and functional solution is available for patients. The other part of the process – tooth extraction in Hamilton – has also greatly improved with laser technology and other advancements that allow patients to experience far less pain and downtime than in the past. Wisdom teeth removal, visits from the tooth fairy, and other oral surgeries are all made more comfortable and efficient through new technologies.
  • Preventative Dentistry: Advancements like the VELScope allow dentists to easily and frequently offer their patients oral cancer screening tests and results. With early detection, mortality rates decrease and treatment can be better targeted for the right results. From digital x-rays to laser technology, systems and tools that make pinpointing problems at the early stages are advancing dentistry and reducing the rate of intensive and invasive dental work. Make regular appointments with your Hamilton dentist and oral surgeon to stay informed and proactive about your own dental health.
  • Cosmetic Dentistry: It is no longer a lifetime concern to deal with crooked, stained, or otherwise unattractive teeth. Every dental patient has the option to get a tailored cosmetic treatment that can address aesthetic problems with their smile. Whether you want subtle teeth whitening or to dramatically straighten teeth through the subtle Invisalign system, there are plenty of options to make the smile of your dreams a reality.

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