What are Dental Implants?

Not everyone has perfect pearly whites, but thanks to advances in technology, they can. Dental implants are artificial teeth that are placed into the jaw to hold a bridge or artificial tooth. Whether you lost a tooth to injury or decay, dental implants are the ideal alternative to dentures.

Why Consider Dental Implants in Hamilton?

There are numerous advantages to using dental implants versus the outdated dentures and other options. These include:

  • Attractive - Dental implants look and feel just like real teeth. Because they are designed to fuse with your bone, they are a permanent solution.
  • Better Speech - Dentures can slip within your mouth, causing you to speak with a slur or mumble. With implants, there is no risk for slippage, so your speech is not affected.
  • Comfort - Because implants are permanent, there is no discomfort associated with removing and cleaning them each day.
  • Self-Esteem - When an individual is missing teeth, they feel as though they cannot smile. Their self-esteem suffers and they may even develop a negative self-image. With dental implants, they can regain confidence and smile without worry.
  • Durable - Dental implants are extremely durable and last for years. With great care, you could potentially get a lifetime from your implants. It is important to have them put in by skilled dental surgeons in Hamilton to maximize durability.

The Types of Dental Implants

If you need dental implants, there are two types to choose from. You will need a consult with a Hamilton dentist to see which type is right for you.

  1. Endosteal - This is the most common type of implant and uses screws, cylinders and blades to surgically place the teeth into the jawbone. The implants then hold prosthetic teeth.
  2. Subperiosteal - These are placed on top of the jaw using a metal framework that protrudes through the gum to hold the prosthetic teeth in place. These are used on patients that are unable to wear conventional dentures or have minimum bone height.

To get dental implants in Hamilton, you need to see a dental surgeon. Eastgate Dental Centre has highly trained professionals ready to help you get your smile back. Contact us today to schedule a dental implant consultation with one of our surgeons. Call us at 905-560-2714 or contact us online.

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