What You Need to Know About Fissure Sealants for Your Children

What You Need to Know About Fissure Sealants for Your Children

Fissure sealants are a common preventative dentistry treatment performed in family dental clinics in Hamilton. It is often used in children when their adult teeth start coming in, at about 6 to 7 years of age. Fissure sealants involve the application of a plastic coating on the chewing surfaces of the premolars and molars which effectively seals up any of the tiny grooves and fissures on the tooth.

How Do Fissure Sealants Help Prevent Tooth Decay?

Tooth decay is more likely to occur in the back teeth, especially in children. Fissure sealants offer fantastic protection against tooth decay because, by filling up the grooves on the surface of the molars and premolars, they prevent food and bacteria from collecting in those grooves instead. When food and bacteria can't hide inside fissures they simply get washed away by liquids and saliva and don't stick around to cause problems.

What Does Fissure Sealant Application Involve?

Before fissure sealants are applied, a children's dentist will examine your child's teeth in order to determine which have fissures deep enough to benefit from the treatment and which ones sealants would not be necessary for. The dentist will then apply the sealants to the teeth that need sealing, which will only take a few minutes for every tooth. Finally, a special light is shined on the teeth, which helps the sealants harden. The entire procedure is completely pain-free.

How Long Do Fissure Sealants Last?

Fissure sealants can last for several years, but they will begin to show signs of wear and tear over time. Your dentist will examine them during every check-up in order to make sure that they are holding up, and, if they are not, the sealants can be added to or replaced.

Ask a Child Dentistry Clinic in Hamilton About Fissure Sealants

If you're interested in helping prevent tooth decay in your child, then ask the dentists at Hamilton's Eastgate Dental Centre about child dentistry services and fissure sealants. We'll answer any of your questions and make sure that your child's oral health is well looked after with regular check-ups and expert advice about how to care for your child's teeth at home.

Our family dentists are happy to help new patients from the Hamilton, Burlington, and Stoney Creek areas, so set up an appointment with the Eastgate Dental Centre today.

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