What you eat can have a huge effect on your oral health. You’re probably frequently told what foods to avoid in order to keep your smile healthy—candy and pop are among the worst offenders—but you might not have heard that many foods can actually be beneficial when it comes to keeping your teeth strong and clean. Here are four changes you can make to your diet that will improve your overall oral health.

1. Snack on fruits and vegetables

Raw, crunchy fruits and vegetables, such as apples and carrots, not only supply you with vitamin C, which contributes to healthy gums, but they also naturally clean some of the plaque off of your teeth. You can even opt for fruit or veggies over gum as they act as natural breath fresheners.

2. Make a salad
Salads don’t have to be boring. Toss together a bunch of your favourite nutritious ingredients for a delicious meal. Don’t forget your leafy greens—they provide you with vitamin B, which has been shown to positively contribute to your oral health.

3. Cheese please
Don’t skip the cheese plate! Eating hard cheeses will help prevent tooth decay by acting as a neutralizing agent on the acids on your teeth. Additionally, consuming cheese will supply you with calcium, which will help to strengthen your teeth and bones.

4. Stay hydrated
Drinking water has many health benefits, so it shouldn’t be surprising that it can help improve your oral health as well. A dry mouth is the prime environment in which bacteria grows, so staying hydrated is key. On top of that, fluoride, which is an active ingredient in most toothpastes, is frequently added to the local water supply—including the tap water in here in Hamilton—so sipping on water will give your teeth a nice cleaning and also help fortify your enamel (the protective outer layer of your teeth).

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