As an expectant mother, or one trying to become pregnant, you know that the list of what you must avoid is quite long. Deciding what you can do, what is safe, and what might be “gray” area is difficult. When you are considering dental work, you may wonder what is safe and what will have to wait until after the delivery.

Naturally, it would help if you discussed your dental work options with your obstetrician as well as your family dentist. They can guide you as to what procedures are safe, but also recommend dental services that might improve your health while pregnant.

The FAQs about Dental Work while Pregnant
At Eastgate Dental, we are a family dental practice. Our Stoney Creek dental office receives numerous questions about dental work during pregnancy or while trying to conceive.

To help you, we have compiled a list of those common questions and answers:

• Should I still schedule my appointment with a dentist in Hamilton for teeth cleaning? Absolutely. Preventative dental care is even more critical while pregnant. Your hormonal changes can take healthy gums to unhealthy in the blink of an eye. Going at least twice a year, including while pregnant, can catch any significant changes, oral infections, or signs of gum disease. Likewise, eating right during pregnancy can keep your teeth healthy in between check-ups.
• What is a pregnancy tumor and is it serious? Women might develop pregnancy tumors, which are tissue growths that appear in between the teeth. No need to worry about these, though; they typically go away after pregnancy, but sometimes may need professional removal.
• Why are my gums bleeding now that I am pregnant? Bleeding gums while pregnant is normal, but you should still visit a periodontist in Hamilton for verification. Pregnancy hormones force your vessels to enlarge, which makes gums prone to bleeding. However, it also puts you at high risk for gingivitis and more serious gum infections.
• Can I whiten my teeth while pregnant? There is not much data on how safe teeth whitening is while pregnant, which is why most dental professionals recommend waiting until after you are pregnant and when you are not breastfeeding. This includes professional and over-the-counter methods.
• Can I fix cavities while pregnant? If you need dental work, the second trimester is better than the first. It is best to put off any dental work until after pregnancy, but in the case of cavities or dental emergencies, you might not have a choice. Your dentist will take precautions to ensure no harm while they do these procedures.
• What about the medications I receive during dental treatments? Your dentist will try to use as little anesthesia as possible while pregnant. Any antibiotics prescribed after treatment are typically Category B, which means they are safe to take while pregnant. Also, you might be subscribed Lidocaine to numb the area, but this is a Category B medication which means animal studies have shown no risks.
• Can I get x-rays while pregnant? During a dental appointment, you might need x-rays to find a cavity. With proper precautions, having dental x-rays is entirely safe, but you can elect to wait on x-rays until after the baby is born if you are still concerned.

Schedule Your Dental Appointment in Hamilton for a Healthy Smile on the Big Day
At Eastgate Dental, we want you to stay healthy during your pregnancy. Our dentist will help with your oral care needs throughout the pregnancy, and we can advise you on treatment options during the time you are pregnant.

If you still have questions, feel free to call Eastgate Dental at 905-560-2714 or request more information online about treatments during pregnancy.