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Tooth loss can be devastating. Suddenly, eating can become a stumbling block, smiling becomes a burden and speech is less than easy to understand. Dentures can be a lifesaver in this situation. When it is time to get back to a normal life and the daily activities we often take for granted, dentures are the answer. Many experience apprehension before getting dentures. Here are some common misconceptions about dentures that might ease your anxiety.

  • “It is difficult to get used to dentures.” Technology today makes dentures better than ever. Dentures are a duplicate of the original teeth. They are designed to keep a low profile to cause as little discomfort as possible, especially in the first few days. The only adjustment expected is due to the feeling of having something new in the mouth.
  • “Dentures affect chewing ability and the sound of the voice.” Today, dentures cause little problem with chewing or speaking. The teeth are positioned to pronounce words properly by the denturist.
  • “Dentures negatively affect appearance.” It is easy to be self-conscious with tooth loss and dentures, but the truth is that dentures enhance appearance. Replacement teeth are carefully engineered to mimic the look of the original teeth. Patients will smile more than they have in a while.

Though getting dentures seems like a major life change, patients can get dentures in Hamilton with little to no lifestyle interruption. In fact, life may be better than ever after getting dentures. The increased ability to chew and speak, self-esteem, and a better appearance are all important benefits. Eastgate Dental Centre has been offering dentures in Hamilton for over 20 years. Patients can regain their lifestyle after a visit to our denturist. Call us today at 905-560-2714!