Eastgate Dental Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, knows that missing teeth can be a source of embarrassment or difficulty when it comes to everyday functions such as speaking clearly or chewing.

However, the advancement of dental implants as part of Eastgate’s cosmetic dentistry services means you can replace one missing tooth or several depending on your needs.

The advantage of dental implants over other solutions for missing teeth (such as bridges) is that they are permanently anchored to your jawbone, which actually helps to prevent bone loss so that you can maintain your natural look. It also means you don’t have to worry about removing the teeth to clean them — you can brush them like any other natural tooth, knowing they’ll stay in place. What’s even better is that artificial crowns that are held in place with implants won’t ever decay or form cavities like natural teeth can.

Dentures can sometimes be a real pain, not to mention also cause embarrassing moments. However, just because you have dentures doesn’t mean you have to have the inconveniences that can come with them. Implants are a smart way to hold your dentures in place but still allow you to remove them for proper cleaning at night. They also don’t rest on your gums, which can cause irritation.

Eastgate Dental can ensure your dentures (whether they’re standard or implant-supported) fit as well as possible and don’t slip, thanks to its three dentists and a denturist in the office who have experience in this field. The office has been offering dentures to patients for more than 20 years. That’s good news for you, because it means you don’t have to seek expertise outside the dental office
that’s providing your other family dentistry services.

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