Eastgate Dental Centre in Hamilton, Ontario, knows that the key to safe dentistry is the proper sterilization of equipment, and it uses the latest technology to ensure tools are completely clean with every procedure.

To achieve this, Eastgate Dental uses the Maxill u-test incubator, which is able to detect germs during its testing to ensure the sterilization was successful. The system uses a “spore test,” which involves filters that change colour to indicate bacterial spore growth, which can be harmful to a patient.

The particular type of bacterial spore measured is called G. stearothermophilus, which is generally found in higher concentrations than other contaminants in dental offices. If the sterilization has destroyed this particularly resistant bacterium, then it’s safe to say other potentially harmful substances have been wiped out as well.

This is a relatively new procedure to ensure the highest level of safety for all patients, which Eastgate Dental takes seriously. This technique is used for any dental tool that will be reused, from simple cleaning tools to more advanced tools.

Speaking of cleanings, Eastgate can provide a wide variety of family dentistry services, from dental hygiene, to filling cavities, to full cosmetic dentistry options that can restore your smile to its original
condition (or better). Your optimal oral health is important to the team.

The dental office also recognizes that despite your best preventative efforts, dental emergencies can happen and it can accommodate them — even after hours or on weekends.

Orthodontic services and child dentistry are also specialties of Eastgate Dental. New patients of any age are welcome, because it’s never too early or too late to address your oral health concerns.

Call 905-560-2714 to find out more about what Eastgate Dental offers, or to make an appointment. The dental office is located at 75 Centennial Parkway North.