Root Canals in Hamilton

Root canal treatment in Hamilton

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Root canal procedures focus on treating the inside portion of the tooth, known as the tooth pulp. It can become damaged or infected for a variety of reasons, which often leads to a great deal of pain for patients.

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Maintaining Strong, Healthy Natural Teeth

A root canal begins with an anesthetic to make you comfortable. After we drill a hole in the tooth and clear out the tooth pulp, the hard outer part of the tooth (the “crown” of the tooth) can be left intact and will function as normal. A filling or dental crown will complete the procedure and restrengthen the tooth.

Many patients are anxious about having root canals, but using technology, techniques, and medication, our dentists can make a root canal procedure quite comfortable. Many of our patients find it comparable to having a dental filling placed.

maintain your teeth with root canals

Are You Experiencing Tooth Pain?

If you have a toothache that won’t go away, you may be suffering from infected tooth pulp. It’s important that we take care of this right away to prevent the spread of infection or an abscess. Be sure to book an appointment right away so we can take dental x-rays, examine your teeth, and get you back to pain-free living fast!