Nothing spoils a day quite like a toothache. Very quickly, it can make even the most normal and routine experiences like drinking water or cold wind, unbearable.

There are many different causes for tooth pain and finding out what might be causing yours can help to determine whether or not you need to schedule an emergency appointment with your local Hamilton dentist.

It is important to note that we always recommend seeing a professional as soon as possible for a reliable diagnosis.

10 Common Causes of Tooth Pain
1.Improper brushing and flossing: If your brushing technique isn’t ideal, it can lead to inflammation of the gums and, as time goes by, gum recession. This leaves more of the tooth exposed to the elements and can increase sensitivity or cause pain.
2.Misaligned teeth or impacted wisdom teeth: Wisdom teeth that have failed to breech the gums or teeth that are pushing against others can cause deep pain in the jaw area. Consult your dentist if you think this is the cause and orthodontic solutions might be suggested.
3.Damaged fillings or dental sealants: This will leave extremely sensitive areas of a tooth exposed to the elements and can be very painful. If left unfixed, plaque and bacteria can build up and lead to serious tooth problems.
4.Tooth fractures: You may not notice that a tooth is fractured right away. Dental fractures can be caused by activities such as grinding your teeth or sporting accidents. Pain usually indicates that the fracture has reached the middle of the tooth, which will require immediate attention.
5.Tooth abscess: This is when tooth decay has reached the root and the area has become infected. You would feel pulsating pain throughout the jaw and should seek treatment immediately.
6.Teeth grinding: This can cause pain in numerous ways — from muscle pain to chipped teeth and stripped enamel. Your dentist will conduct an examination and may recommend a night-guard.
7.Orthodontic alignment: If you just got braces, retainers or a night-guard, there’s a good chance that is what is causing your tooth pain.
8.Temperature sensitivity: This can be the result of the enamel on a tooth wearing down and leaving its dentin layer exposed. If it persists, try switching to a toothpaste designed for sensitive teeth.
9.Tooth decay: By far the most common cause of tooth pain, the best way to deal with this early on is simply to maintain good brushing habits. If the pain becomes sharper and more pronounced, you will probably need to see a dentist.
10.Gum disease: If your pain is the result of gum disease, you will notice inflammation around the gums as well as signs of recession. Talk to your dentist if you believe this to be the cause.

Dental Care for Any Situation
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