Halloween can be a delightful time for children, but it can also wreak havoc with their teeth! The last thing you will want your kids to take home from the festivities is a toothache. Fortunately, you can help your loved ones to prevent getting cavities if you follow a few easy tips from your Hamilton dental office.

Cavity Prevention Tricks and Halloween Treats

You do not need to deprive your children of the annual revelry during the Halloween season. Instead, try these effective and proven strategies for maintaining good oral health this year:

· Moderation: Enjoying anything in moderation is a habit that everyone should have. Candy and other sugary treats will not generally harm kids if they are not eaten in excess. Allow your kids to have a specific number of treats on Halloween, such as two or three at most. That is enough to satisfy their craving, and they will not feel excluded from the fun.

· Choosing Carefully: Teach your little ones that they do not need to eat all the candy they collect when trick-or-treating. When they return home, have them pour out all the candy they collected. Then, they should choose which pieces they simply must keep and which ones they like the least. Allow them to keep their favourites, and donate the remainder to a local food bank.

· Age Considerations: When children are under the age of two, they really should not have candy. If you have kids this age along with others who are older in your household, make sure that the littlest ones get a special
treat on Halloween, such as applesauce. This will help to prevent them from feeling left out if they see their older siblings indulging in sweet treats. If your children are between the ages of two and four, you should store their candy for them and monitor their intake. Kids over the age of four might be entrusted with their candy stash, but they should still adhere to specific limitations. They should only eat their candy in a designated area, such as the kitchen, and must only be allowed a small amount of candy per week.

· Types of Candy: Some kinds of candy are worse for the teeth than others. Encourage your children to avoid very sticky or chewy varieties, such as taffy and gummy candies. Hard candy can damage teeth, so it is best to avoid eating much of it. Safer alternatives include dark chocolate, milk chocolate, pretzels, cookies, crackers, and chewing gum. Additionally, if you teach your kids to love fruit at an early age, they may be more prone to reach for their favorite fruits instead of succumbing to a sugary frenzy every Halloween.

·  Hygiene: This is the perfect time to reinforce healthy oral hygiene habits. After they have indulged in their Halloween snacks, your kids should brush and floss. They should always brush and floss at least twice daily, but they should do these things more often on days that they eat sugary foods. Use this time of year as a great learning opportunity for your child.

Book an Appointment with Your Stoney Creek Dentist

Once the Halloween fun is over for another year, you might want to schedule an appointment with your family dentist. Detecting and treating cavities early is always best, and regular cleaning visits are essential. However, if your family maintains a spirit of fun with reasonable moderation, your kids should enjoy good oral health throughout the year.

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