Beautiful smiles open doorways to friendship, career opportunities, companionship, not to mention your health. We’d like to share with you some of the topic reasons you should make a smile part of your style.

Using no words at all, a smile can say so much. A smile reveals much about ourselves and how we feel toward others. But, if you have missing, crooked, or stained teeth, showing your smile may be the last thing you want to do. When you avoid smiling some may misinterpret your smile avoidance as indifference or callousness. These perceptions certainly don’t make positive impressions.

If poor oral health is preventing you from interacting with others, we invite you to schedule an appointment to discuss the many cosmetic dentistry services we offer, including crowns, veneers, implants, and dentures. Visit your Hamilton dentist at Eastgate Dental Centre: we are here to make a smile part of your style!

Here’s Why You Should Make a Smile Part of Your Style

A great smile can help your love life, career, and health. Here are some of our top reasons you should make a smile part of your style:

Grin and bear it – We usually think that a smile reflects our feelings; but researchers say that a smile can actively improve our mood as well! Recent studies show that smiling reinforces positive emotions and that even a forced smile can lift our mood as the brain tries to match the facial expression.

Keep smiling – The more you smile, the more you reinforce positive emotions in yourself. Research is now showing that smiling trains the brain to break out of the habit of negative thinking. Smiling more frequently and purposefully helps to rewire your brain to create more positive patterns of thought.

Smiles reduce stress – Biochemist Sondra Barrett reports in her book, Secrets of Your Cells, that smiles reduce tension at a cellular level. Your body has evolved to react differently to safety and danger – when you smile, you signal to your body that you are safe and your body’s cells respond to that signal. The cells relax and become less rigid. Stress-induced cell mutations that have been linked to certain kinds of cancer can be avoided.

Smiles make smiles — Smiles are contagious. In fact, just as the act of smiling has been shown to raise the key brain chemicals that contribute to our own sense of happiness and wellbeing, smiling also promotes that reaction in others due to the activation of certain nerve cells in our brains called “mirror neurons.” Those who see your smile are prompted to smile as well.

Smiles are mate-magnets — Oral health is biologically attractive; throughout our species’ evolution, healthy teeth have symbolized good genes, proper self-care, and a diverse diet. In fact, almost a third of males and females rank teeth as the first facial feature they notice when meeting someone for the first time. So, if you’re looking to land a date, it may be wise to schedule a date with your dentist first!

In business, smiles seal the deal — Did you know individuals with straight, healthy teeth are seen as 58% more likely to succeed in business? And, studies have shown individuals with a nice smile are 45% more likely to land a job compared to equally capable applicants. Why? One reason may be, as researchers at the University of Pittsburgh have found, a smile is perceived by many people as an indication of trustworthiness.

A great smile is always in fashion — Smiles are always in style. And, a beautiful smile is infinitely more attractive than whatever fashion you choose on any given day. And, unlike much high fashion, a smile is free!

Don’t forget your health — Healthy teeth and gums are key components in what makes a wonderful smile. But, oral health has been shown to affect more than just teeth and gums; poor oral
health can affect the entire body and especially your heart!

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