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When you have missing or damaged teeth, it can be an uncomfortable situation. It can make it difficult to eat the foods you love and it can also make you feel self-conscious about your smile, especially in front of strangers. However, it does not have to be like that. Today there are more dental solutions to correct this issue than ever before so you can restore your smile and confidence with ease. Eastgate Dental Centre provides dental crowns and bridges to Hamilton and surrounding area patients. Both procedures are among the most effective ways to improve your teeth’s appearance, shape and even alignment and can be completed at our dental office.

Cover Damaged Teeth with Dental Crowns

When you have a discoloured, decayed or misshapen tooth, a dental crown or cap can be used to completely cover your damaged or broken tooth. Dental crowns are made to mimic the colour and form of your natural teeth. Crowns are typically made of metal, porcelain fused to metal, stainless steel, resin, acrylic or ceramic materials, depending upon personal preferences and which teeth they are meant to cover. Because porcelain crowns most closely resemble the colour of your natural teeth, they are usually recommended for front teeth, while sturdy metal crowns are usually recommended for back teeth that may benefit from their toughness. 

Be aware that it usually takes more than one dental visit to create a permanent crown, although a temporary crown can often be made same-day while you wait. During the procedure, you will be given a local anesthetic and your dentist will reshape the tooth to make room for the crown. Once we have created an impression of your tooth, we will construct a temporary crown that will help protect your tooth until the permanent crown is ready. During your second appointment, we will ensure your crown has the right fit, shape, colour and bite before securely cementing it into place. Crowns can have a long lifespan if you take proper care of them – be sure to continue brushing and flossing regularly and try not to bite down on hard objects (including ice and hard foods).

Dental Bridges Replace Missing Teeth

When you have several missing teeth, a dental bridge can be used to help “bridge” the gap between those missing teeth. Bridges also come in several materials, including gold, alloys, porcelain and ceramic, depending upon aesthetic considerations and which teeth are missing. Much like crowns, fixed bridges are cemented to your natural teeth or implants immediately around the missing teeth. Often, they are attached to the crowns via a replacement false tooth. Some bridges can also be removable, acting like a partial denture. Removable bridges typically require adjustments to ensure an optimum fit. Whether fixed or removable, a bridge can be matched to the colour of your natural teeth and can also enjoy a long lifespan with proper care. It is imperative to practice good oral hygiene habits because a bridge can “collapse” when the teeth or bones supporting it have been compromised by damages caused by dental disease.

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If you have questions or concerns about dental crowns and bridges in Hamilton and surrounding areas, we would be more than happy to answer them during a consultation. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff has been providing a variety of dental services for families within our community since 1993. You can rest assured we will thoroughly discuss all of your available options prior to treatment to help reduce your anxiety and/or discomfort levels about having an unfamiliar dental procedure. Contact Eastgate Dental Centre to schedule your next dental check-up or appointment today. We look forward to treating you and your entire family!

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